Rechargeable Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Dog Training Device With Flashlight (Free Gift Included)

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"I liked it very much, it works. There is a charger. It was a charged device. I checked on my dog. Everything is fine-runs away & hides. There is also a flashlight built into it with 3 modes of operation. Here is a good defender in your pocket!! I advise you to buy, you will not regret it!! "

Olga R.

Being Chased by dogs are a thing of the past, Now i chase dogs away....

Bad dog behaviors all corrected in 1 week. Comes in very handy on my daily jogs around the block with the house that has those aggressive dogs that sometimes get loose and chase me and i have to run for my life. Dosen't happen anymore, once they start barking i push the button and they run and hide away. Also has a flash light built into it for at night that gets bright enough to see your surroundings.

Q1: What's the difference from the ordinary dog repeller products? A: The product is equipped with an upgraded version of 3-channel high-frequency ultrasonic sensor, with the frequency 20~25KHZ.... Features three different sound wave modes that can break your dog's immunity to certain sound waves... Q2: What's the valid range? A: 5 meters... Q3: Will it be harmful to people or dogs? A: No, this harmless product does not contain any chemicals. Based on the ultrasound from the product, the dogs get disgusted and go away.... Q4: Does the product have LED lighting function? A: The product is equipped with a 3W independent strong light flashlight, like a torch... Packing list: 1* Ultrasonic dog repeller 1* Lanyard 1*USB charging cable 1*User Manual

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Rated by thousands of customers

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