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"Soft, durable, very calming. I work from home; KC hopped right in there and I didn’t hear from her for 3 hours, literally. Got a lot of work done actually. Definitely recommend. 2 Rotties and they both love it."

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No more sofas or backseats ruined by drool, dog hair, scratches, or tears thanks to the pet protector calming bed!

If you're one of those dog owners that would love to let their dog on the sofa with you, but don't wanna ruin your expensive furniture, our solution is the one you've been looking for!

  • Keeps your sofa safe
  • Offers comfort & warmth 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Unique Features
  • Also for can be used on the bed, floor, car & more

Our Pet Protector Calming Bed is not only to protect your furniture but to give your pet warmth, comfort & feeling safe!

It's big enough for dogs of any size! No matter how much drool, hair, or other dog dirt, it covers a big area perfectly!

The rubberish non-slip bottom ensures it stays in place anywhere you place it!

Unzip the zipper and remove the cover
Wash the cover (hand wash or low-temperature machine washing)
Let it dry and put the cover back on!
Simple as that! We believe this is a much better solution than trying to clean the sofa.

The Pet Protector Calming Bed is washable and made of the best possible materials, which guarantees it withstand years of use


Would the Large fit a 130lb Saint Bernard? -  I have a 97lb Bernese Mountain dog and the XXL is just right for my boy.

How long it can survive after machine washing? - I have washed mine 3 times on a full wash and dry cycle over the last 2 years. After the third wash, it started to may a little but I was able to use a metal wide-toothed comb to brush it out and it’s much better. Remove the padded pillow insert to wash but no other specific wash needs in my opinion. Comes clean very well too!

What are the benefits? - It reduces dog anxiety, Offers comfort & safety feeling, It's easy to maintain, and protects valuable things.

What if my dog doesn't like it? - In that case, you can return the Sofa Savior completely free within 30-days of receiving it. We take the hit and pay all expenses.

Can I wash it in the machine? - We recommend hand-wash only BUT some of our customers are washing the cover in a machine.
Just make sure you wash it low temperature and we recommend not using the spinning option.

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...but, don't take our word for it!

First off, I'll start by saying this is more of a blanket with a bolster than an actual dog bed. That said, my dog loves it and it was exactly what I needed to put on the chaise for her. It's her favorite spot on the couch and she adores this blanket so much, it even helps to keep her from rolling off the couch. We even use it in the car now. It was very easy to clean and did not fall apart after washing & drying. I also like that I can add more stuffing to the bolster if I want.

Sharon P.

Verified Customer

First off, I'll start by saying this is more of a blanket with a bolster than an actual dog bed....


Rated by thousands of customers

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